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Butterfly joinery options:

Common in the work of Live Edge pioneer George Nakashima, butterfly joints are used to hold two or more wood boards together or to stabilize a knothole, usually done in a contrasting wood for aesthetic purposes.

curved join

A test shot of how we place the butterflies on the top before inserting them into the wood. We take great care to ensure proper placement of the inserts before making any cuts to the wood.

diagonal join

The light wood inlays provide a nice contrast to the walnut and draws attention to the grain pattern.


The light wood butterfly joints are inserted along the clear resin filler and add a decorative element and structural support to this white oak table top.

bookmatch join

Small end checks using butterflies. Small end checks are held together with contrasting butterfly joints on this butternut top.

bookmatch join

Wenge Butterflies compliment the dark figuring seen in this walnut countertop.